Martha Karua Asks Uhuru To Reconcile With Ruto Before His Term Ends. -

Martha Karua Asks Uhuru To Reconcile With Ruto Before His Term Ends.

Narc Kenya Party leader, Martha Karua has asked President Uhuru to make peace with his Deputy, William Ruto before his tenure ends.

In an interview with a local daily on Tuesday, 25 May, Karua asked Uhuru to trend cautiously and reach out to Ruto and end the bad blood between them.

Karua urged Uhuru to work with Ruto addiing that the president should never have sidelined his deputy in the first place.

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“He should be bringing the nation together, leading by example by having good relations with his deputy even when they do not agree.”

“Having the handshake with the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga does not mean that he cannot continue having good relations with his deputy.”

“He has set a very bad example where the president can ignore the constitution and the law and lockout his deputy from work. “One wonders, then, who would want to be a DP in those circumstances?” she posed.

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The fall out between Uhuru and Ruto started playing out openly after the handshake with ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga.

Recently in an interview, Ruto had said that Uhuru had cut ties with him after the handshake and went on to blame Raila for the fallout.

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