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Former Churchill Show comedian Njoro is allegedly back to drinking after he was spotted drunk as a skunk in a keg joint.

Former Churchill show comedian, George Njoroge, better known as Njoro is one of the many Kenyans who were dealt a blow during the past Corona Virus period.

In mid 2020, the comedian is said to have been suffering some mental health issues due to being broke.

Now, word on the street is that the comedian is back to drinking as a means of comfort after his wife and kids moved out on him.

Some Kenyans, as usual as well as his colleagues had previously chipped in and have been trying to help the man bounce back, but before that, he had to undergo some rehabilitation.

In a past interview with Massawe Jappani, Njoro revealed that everyone had been labeling him a drunkard after he spent Sh 3.9 million on alcohol and parties.

“It was party after party for me. I had so much money at the time and I did not think it would ever run out. Hence, I blew it all and in no time, I was broke.”

Moving on, few months after getting employed at KTN, the comedian is now slipping back to alcohol.

This is after a social media user identitified as Kinyua wa Muthoni who happened to bump into Njoro at a local joint; the famed comedian isn’t doing so well.

Kinyua wrote saying that the comedian looked disturbed at the KEG joint and he kept talking to himself.