West Pokot Lady Weds The Holy Spirit In A Wierd Ceremony (Photos/Video) .

Kenya is a country full of drama and bizarre events. Even before the Embarambamba drama ended, the country has yet again been hit with a weird video of a lady from West Pokot.

The lady identified as Elizabeth Nalem has shocked Kenyans after apparently ‘wedding’ the holy spirit in a rather bizarre ceremony.

According to Elizabeth, God spoke to her and directed that she gets married to the holy spirit so that she can spread the gospel to the world.

“I was directed by God to marry the holy spirit so that I can reach more people in spreading the Good word of God,” she said.

“I am happy marrying the holy spirit because I know that my place in heaven is guaranteed and my earthly body is just a vessel,” she stated.

Amazed residents trooped in their numbers to witness the rare ceremony with some noting that the holy spirit was conspicuously absent or rather not visible to them.

Others claimed that the lady might have indulged in illegal substances to make that decision while some believes that Elizabeth is the choosen one by the Messiah.

See photos;

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