Karangu Muraya To Launch his Vernacular TV Station

Karangu Muraya, the renowned philanthropist and Kikuyu musician, is going to enter the media industry with the launch of his own TV station called Ithaga TV. Speaking exclusively with TBEN.co.keMuraya described his journey and experience and the vision for his TV station – which he confirmed was his true calling. He shared how his past experiences and […]


Karangu Muraya Gifts Goat Wife Brand New Car on Her Birthday

Numerous well known Kenyans have been going hard and fast while celebrating the birthdays of their loved ones and family as the years progressed and this has never been an exception. From vehicles, to houses, to expensive brands of clothes or jewelery, Kenyans haven’t disappointed when it has doned on this area. Yesterday, as indicated […]


Felicity: I partied not knowing I was pregnant

Thee Pluto’s bae Felicity says she has never experienced morning sickness. Talking on her YouTube channel she shared “You expect things like nausea and vomiting. I only vomited once and it was because I had not eaten. It is not as extreme as some people go through.” Inquired as to whether she has any gender […]


Popular Kikuyu Musician Kigia Wa Esther Sends Message To Raila Ahead of Supreme Court Ruling

Veteran Benga musician Peter Kigia wa Esther was among famous Kikuyu artists who supported Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party flagbearer Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua. Kigia campaigned and made tunes in acclaim out of Raila and asked the Kikuyu people to vote in favor of the one who had President […]

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“Nataka kuolewa sasa, nimechoka na streets” – Karen Nyamu Says She Is Ready To Settle.

City lawyer cum politician, Karen Nyamu has admitted that she is tired of the streets and want a man to marry. The ever bubly lady recently admitted that she started dressing decently to attract a ma who could pay her dowry. While in Nyandarua campaigning for Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate, William Ruto, Nyamu said she […]


Former hawker turned radio presenter, Mzee Kiengei, shows off his lavish home that is under construction in the village.

Celebrated comedian and pastor, Benson Gathungu popularly know as Mzee Kiengei has shared a sneak peak of his home that he is building at his village in Kinangop. The Kameme FM Presenter shared the photos as he was receiving a cow from a family he had previously helped through one of his charities. The said […]


‘Najua ni mzee, achaneni na maisha yetu!’ Kahumunjia and Grace Mwai tell off trolls over their age difference.

Hiram Maina who is popularly known as Kamuhunjia and his fiancé, Grace Mwai have told off troll who have been on their age difference case. The two love birds speaking on Hiram’s YouTube page stated that their life is their own and the public should not attack them over the age difference using pseudo accounts. […]