39% Of EPRA Employees Are Kikuyus, Kalenjins- New Report

According to recent findings, nearly four out of ten employees (39 percent) at the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) come from the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities.

The Employment Diversity Report from EPRA reveals that 22 percent (42 individuals) of the workforce belong to the Kalenjin community, while 17 percent (32 individuals) identify as Kikuyu.

Examining recruitment trends over the past three years, the audit highlights a significant underrepresentation of the Embu and Bajun communities, comprising only 0.52 percent of EPRA’s total staff.

Among the 190 positions within the authority, 63 percent are occupied by men and 37 percent by women. Additionally, EPRA employs six individuals with disabilities. The age range of EPRA employees spans from 24 to 57 years old.

EPRA has emphasized its commitment to fostering diversity by disseminating job advertisements through various channels, including its website and news outlets. These efforts aim to increase the representation of marginalized groups, such as women and individuals with disabilities.

All job advertisements issued by EPRA include a clause encouraging applications from youth, females, persons with disabilities, and marginalized groups. This proactive approach is intended to ensure equitable opportunities for appointment across diverse demographics.