KRA Announces Auctioning Of 200 Imported Cars

KRA Announces Auctioning Of 200 Imported Cars

The government has entrusted the Kenya Revenue Authority with the task of collecting taxes on all corporate operations conducted in the country, including both imports and exports.

They are in charge of collecting taxes on land rates and other properties throughout the country.

Last year, the government implemented severe steps to combat dishonest businesses at the Kenya Ports Authority who fail to pay taxes on commodities imported into the nation. For this reason, a large number of commercial goods were detained while awaiting approval. Over automobiles belonging to various business owners who never showed up at KRA offices for clearance were among the merchandise

KRA has announced that all of these cars will be auctioned this week, and all bidders are invited to examine the products in Mombasa.

Many Facebook users expressed interest in the items and shared their opinions.

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