” Unakaa Chebukati” Kenyans Bash Mammito’s New Hairstyle -

” Unakaa Chebukati” Kenyans Bash Mammito’s New Hairstyle

Comedian Mammito Eunice has caused a stir across the internet with her latest unconventional hairstyle choice. This distinctive style has captured the attention of many Kenyans due to its uniqueness, as it is typically associated with older men.

Mammito took to her official social media platforms to share striking images of her newly adopted hairstyle. In this transformation, she completely shaved her head, giving her the appearance of someone experiencing premature baldness—a characteristic commonly linked with the male population.

This bold move prompted a range of reactions from online users, as Kenyans are known for their enthusiastic responses. Some individuals online pointed out the resemblance of her hairstyle to that of Wafula Chebukati, the former chairman of IEBC, while others drew comparisons to Grand P.

The comments section was ablaze with discussions and opinions. Mammito’s decision to embrace such an eccentric hairstyle was primarily driven by her intention to promote an upcoming comedy show in which she will collaborate with other female comedians. Therefore, this hairstyle can be seen as a deliberate choice for showbiz purposes.