“I’m still learning and life is the best teacher”- Keziah Wa Kariuki Says.

Kiengei’s Ex-wife, Keziah Wa Kariuki has continued to share motivation quotes to her followers.

The media personality said that a person has two teacher and should learn from both adding that she is still learning from Life teacher.

“In this world there are two types of teachers, a class teacher and life teacher.Class teacher teaches during the lesson, but life teacher teaches after lesson. It is always wise to be a keen student to both teachers,” she said.

Few weeks ago, Keziah announced to her fans that she had finally found love after Kameme FM Presenter cum comedian, Muthee Kiengei Divorced her.

After the announcement, a seemingly sad Kiengei turned to an online laughingstock after claiming that Keziah’s new love life revolved on two divorcee.

This angered Keziah’s fans who troupped in their hundreds to shush the comedian for his comments.

It is here also where details emerged that Kiengei had not paid Keziah’s dowry and tables turned on him who since then has not addressed thee issues.

Keziah who seemed pretty much calm during the drama later shared photos and videos of her new husband paying her dowry.

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