Kenyans on Twitter( KoT) Resurfaces an Old video Of Diana Confessing that She dated men for money

Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) have brought back to light an old video featuring content creator Diana Bahati, where she openly discusses her past relationships, particularly those where financial arrangements were involved.

Before her relationship with the singer, Diana had a reputation for leading a controversial lifestyle, having been romantically involved with multiple individuals. This has sparked curiosity among some individuals as to why Bahati appears indifferent to her past.

In the video, Diana candidly shares insights into her past experiences, revealing how she used to engage in relationships with men for financial gain. She admits, “I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked stability. All I desired was a comfortable life, so I dated men for financial support. I had someone to buy me clothes, take me out, and even when Bahati met me, I would be with a different car, I had everything. Some would give me 30k, others 20k, and some even 10k, that was my life.”

She further elaborates on her past involvement with a married man, expressing her deep affection for him, saying, “At some point, I was involved with a married man as a side chick. I must say, I had strong feelings for him.”

Following the circulation of this video, Kenyans on Twitter engaged in extensive discussions, with many acknowledging that Diana’s experiences resonate with those of numerous young women. Some expressed empathy, citing the struggles she faced in her childhood and the desire to improve her living conditions.

However, there were critics who condemned Diana’s past choices, labeling her as a “golddigger” for openly admitting to dating multiple men for material gain. They emphasized the transactional nature of her relationships, where she received benefits such as clothing, shopping, and rent payments from different individuals.

In another realm of social media, professional footballer Victor Wanyama found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding claims of being the father of Bahati’s adopted son, Morgan. This speculation arose after an edited photo surfaced online, depicting Wanyama alongside Bahati’s family members.

The manipulated image garnered significant attention on social media platforms, prompting a response from Victor Wanyama. Expressing his frustration, the footballer denounced the falsified photo and urged an end to such misleading actions.

The speculation regarding Wanyama’s paternity was fueled by an older photo featuring him alongside Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife. However, Wanyama vehemently denied any connection to Morgan Bahati and called for an end to the baseless rumors.