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I’m under pressure: Mungai Eve Now says,after her YouTube channel hit 50k subscribers

Mungai Eve is currently navigating the challenges of managing her newfound success on her YouTube channel, Mungai Eve Media, which rapidly amassed 50,000 subscribers since its recent launch. The content creator, who recently parted ways with video director Trevor, shared her sentiments about the current situation in a recent interview with The Nairobian. Expressing a […]


“Huyu Hananga Stingo Za Mechi, Anapenda Kifo Cha Mende Tu”, Bahati Exposes Diana.

It appears that Bahati and Diana Marua have chosen to forego privacy in their relationship, willingly sharing their entire online persona on social media. Their love life, including intimate details, is consistently laid bare for the public to witness. During a family vacation in Naivasha, Bahati and Diana decided to indulge in some alcohol shots, […]


Amulet Portions: The Secret to Immortality?

Amulets, small objects believed to possess mystical powers and offer protection from harm, have captivated human imagination for thousands of years. From ancient civilizations to modern times, the art of crafting and wearing amulets continues to thrive, promising wearers a touch of luck, prosperity, and security. In this exploration, we delve into the rich history, […]


“Atanimaliza Na Hii Kitu Yake kubwa Ya Punda” , Mjengo, Nyeri Woman Divorce’s Husband Over Huge “MJULUS”

In the Mjengo area of Nyeri County, a woman recently filed for divorce from her newlywed husband, citing an unusual reason – his well-endowed manhood. The mother-of-three and housewife sought the dissolution of her marriage due to the considerable size of her husband’s genitalia, locally referred to as MJULUS, as reported by local sources. Their […]


From Love to Prosperity: The Art and Science of White Magic Spells Revealed

White magic spells are a type of magic that is used for good purposes, such as healing, protection, and love. They are often associated with positive energy and are believed to bring good luck and happiness to those who use them. In this blog post, we will explore the world of white magic spells and […]


” Please Don’t Share My Rosecoco With My Kids” Nyako Cries After Her ‘Bean’ Video Leaked.

Pilot Nyako, a Kenyan content creator and TikTok personality residing in Germany, finds herself entangled in a difficult situation after her once-close friend, the renowned TikToker Big Daddy, decided to expose a private video of hers. Nyako had forewarned that she was aware of someone possessing her explicit content, recognizing the possibility of such an […]


Kisii Drama As Bees Sent To Woman Alleged To Have Stolen Cash

A woman in Kisii has captured widespread attention on the internet, as she found herself enveloped in a swarm of bees, allegedly summoned by a witch doctor seeking retribution for her supposed theft. The incident, documented in a viral video circulating on social media, showcases the middle-aged woman covered by the buzzing swarm on her […]