Man, 84 years, who returned home after 47 years disappointed that his wife has a New Husband

A man who vanished from his home 47 years ago expressed disappointment upon discovering that his two wives had remarried during his long absence.

According to reports, Peter Oyuka, originally from Makale village, found it perplexing that his wives couldn’t wait for just 47 years. The 84-year-old man, who disappeared in 1974 at the age of 37, returned home and lamented the fact that his two wives had not exercised patience and instead entered into new marriages, allowing other men into their lives.

Peter Oyuka reportedly left Makale village in Kenya in 1974 and had not been seen by any family members until his recent return. He expressed regret that his wives were not present to welcome him back, stating, “I wish my wives were here today to welcome me home.”

In an interview with local media, Peter appealed to his estranged wives to make time for him, expressing his wishes for their well-being in their current marriages. He said, “I wish my two wives well in their marriages. However, I’d like them to know that I’m still alive and that they should create time and visit me.”

Despite spending part of the 47 years in Tanzania, where he formed a new relationship and had a child with another woman, Peter had expected his original wives to remain faithful. He voiced his disappointment, saying, “I’m very disappointed that they could not wait for me. But I respect their decision.”

The news prompted various reactions from Kenyans, with some arguing that the wives were justified in moving on during such a lengthy absence. Comments ranged from humorous observations about the impatience of men to expressing disbelief at the circumstances surrounding the man’s return.