“River-Road Fake Certificate” Linus Kaikai Praises DP Gachagua

Citizen TV and its journalists have been engaged in a prolonged disagreement with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, critiquing his consistent attacks on the media. They have advocated for a moderation in his rhetoric and even proposed that he be restricted from speaking at public events. However, there has been a noticeable shift in perspective. Led by veteran journalist Linus Kaikai, Citizen TV is now offering commendations to Rigathi, asserting that he should be the exclusive voice granted a platform to address the public.

In a segment titled “Give Rigathi the Microphone,” orchestrated by Linus Kaikai, he lauded Rigathi for his recent boldness in calling out individuals with counterfeit certificates.

Kaikai affirmed the accuracy of Rigathi’s statements, observing that individuals with fake certificates were indeed present at the meeting where Rigathi exposed the truth. Kaikai highlighted the discomfort experienced by those singled out by Rigathi’s direct remarks. He proposed that in future instances where truth needs to be voiced, the microphone should be entrusted to Rigathi with its volume amplified, as his truth-telling would undoubtedly resonate.

Linus Kaikai has now publicly aligned himself with Rigathi Gachagua, recognizing him as a person of integrity. Despite prior criticisms of Rigathi’s statements, particularly those targeting the media, Kaikai has had a change of heart and fully endorses Rigathi’s recent assertions.

In what seems to be a subtle message, Kaikai hinted that the microphone should be handed back to Gachagua to allow him to fulfill his pledge of exposing individuals with fake certificates, as he had indicated during the Bomas event.

This development follows Rigathi’s bold address at Bomas, where he directly confronted the president, shedding light on a significant issue of fake certificates within the government. He asserted that some individuals holding such credentials were seated in close proximity to the president.