Kenya National Highways Authority Closes Nairobi-Garissa Road due to flooding

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has officially declared the temporary closure of the Nairobi-Garissa Road due to flooding at the Mororo area, situated between Madogo and the Tana River Bridge.

This flooding is attributed to the current heavy rainfall, leading to a significant rise in water levels along the Tana River. According to KeNHA’s announcement, the escalating water levels have prompted concerns regarding the Seven Folks Dams nearing their maximum capacity.

The floodwaters at Mororo have rendered one lane of the road impassable, posing a considerable safety hazard to commuters.

In response to this situation, KeNHA has mandated the closure of the affected road section until the floodwaters recede, and the damaged portion is adequately repaired.

KeNHA personnel are already mobilized at the site to address the washout promptly once the water levels diminish.

Furthermore, KeNHA advises all road users to exercise caution and refrain from driving through flooded areas for their safety.