Larry madowo humbled meeting one of the world best journalist”CNN”

NTV’s motormouth, Larry Madowo, flew to the
Catalan capital of Barcelona to attend the
world’s greatest mobile event;
Mobile World
Congress 2015 and while there, he met one of
world’s greatest reporters and was
overwhelmingly humbled by his presence. Larry Madowo might the ‘man’ in Kenyan context but in the
world, the ntv news anchor still has a long way to go before
he starts receiving standing ovations. When he flew to Spain for the four day summit, most
probably Larry had no idea he would be rubbing shoulders
with one of CNN’s best reporters, Richard Quest. Richard Austin Quest is an English journalist and a CNN
International anchor and reporter based in New York City,
USA. He anchors the eponymous show, Quest Means
Business, on the international television channel. The overly excited Larry couldn’t wait for their meeting with
Quest to lose the taste of time. He rushed to the best place
where he could broadcast details of their meeting with the
CNN reporter for the whole world to know.

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