Tesla To Send Home More Than 10 Percent Of Its Labourforce

Tesla, the world’s leading vehicle manufacturer in terms of market value, is poised to reduce its global electric vehicle workforce by more than 10%.

Elon Musk, the billionaire owner, conveyed this decision to the staff in a memo, as initially reported by Electrek. Musk emphasized his reluctance towards such actions but stated it as a necessary step.

As of December, Tesla employed 140,473 individuals worldwide, as disclosed in its most recent annual report. Despite media inquiries, the company has not provided any official response.

In the memo, Musk reiterated the outcome of a comprehensive organizational review, culminating in the difficult choice to downsize the workforce by over 10% globally. He emphasized the necessity of this move to foster a leaner, more innovative, and ambitious environment poised for the next growth phase.

Reports indicate that affected employees, including one interviewed by the BBC, found themselves locked out of their company emails following the layoff notifications.

Additionally, Andrew “Drew” Baglino, a longstanding executive team member who served as senior vice president of Tesla’s powertrain and energy engineering team since 2019, announced his departure from the company after 18 years, as conveyed in a post on X (formerly Twitter).