Meshack Ochieng Photos: Bodybuilding Champion Giving Kenyan Women Sleepless Nights

Meshack Ochieng’s success in the natural bodybuilding world has been a result of determination, self-discipline, and a sprinkle of fate. Despite leaving school early due to lack of finances, Ochieng pursued a career in bodybuilding after discovering his passion for weightlifting while working with his older brother in Kisumu. He won his first competition in Mr. Kakamega Championship and went on to win many other titles such as Mr. Kenya and Mr. Africa. Ochieng later moved to the USA, where he enrolled in school and continued to compete. After winning the Missouri State Championship, Ochieng aimed to win the Mr. America Bodybuilding Championship, a title with a long history. In October 2022, he won the Mr. America Bodybuilding Championship, beating six other finalists, including defending champion Corey Brown and Yorton Cup winner Levi Burge. Ochieng’s victory marked a new milestone in his career and made him the biggest name in natural bodybuilding.

As a natural bodybuilder, Ochieng wants to be a role model and advises upcoming bodybuilders against using steroids. He explains that natural bodybuilders can only grow to a certain stage and cannot become as big as their unnatural counterparts. Ochieng uses healthy supplements and food to acquire his body’s look and gets tested before competitions. He cautions bodybuilders to be careful about what goes into their systems because some supplements contain banned substances. He also advises against ego training, as it can lead to injuries, which is the worst thing for any sportsperson.

Despite his immense success, Ochieng has stayed in touch with his roots, sponsoring competitions in Kenya and helping to nurture new bodybuilders. He has coached and helped many people, including the current Mr. East Africa Rashid Issa, to realize their dreams. Ochieng is happy that the sport has grown so much because of people like Evelyn Owalla, Rashid Issa, and himself. Many females are now joining the fitness industry, and this makes him happy.

Overall, Ochieng’s journey to the pinnacle of the natural bodybuilding world has been a cocktail of sheer grit, self-discipline, and a slice of fate. Ochieng’s dedication, discipline, and hard work have helped him achieve great success in his field. He has become a role model for aspiring bodybuilders and a source of inspiration to many who are pursuing their dreams.