Millicent Omanga: From Selling Mitumba Bedsheets to a Senator and a Millionaire. -
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Millicent Omanga: From Selling Mitumba Bedsheets to a Senator and a Millionaire.

Millicent Omanga, also known as Mama Miradi, is a well-known figure among Kenyans. Her rise to success is a testament to her belief in trusting the process. She began her journey selling second-hand bedsheets and has now become a successful businesswoman and millionaire, as well as a senator.

Born in 1982 in Kisii county, Omanga is the eldest of seven daughters. Her family was well-off until 1999, when her father, the primary breadwinner, passed away. Her mother was forced to take on odd jobs to feed the family.

Omanga’s education includes attending Mumbi Girls and a medical training college, as well as earning a journalism degree from the University of Nairobi and a post-graduate degree in commerce.

Her career journey began while she was still studying at the University of Nairobi, where she sold second-hand bedsheets as a way to pay for her school fees. She then ventured into interior design and opened more than 15 stores that deal with all aspects of interior design, including her own company, Lead Milways Enterprise, which deals with construction and designs.

Omanga entered politics with the help of Deputy President Dr. William Ruto, who appointed her as a company director at Kenya Electricity Generating Company – KenGen in 2013 and as a nominated senator in 2017. However, in the 2022 elections, Esther Passaris outshined her in the Nairobi Women Representative race.

Omanga is married to Dr. Francis Nyamiobo, a medical practitioner, and they have two children, Maya and Wayne. They live a lavish life in the suburbs of Nairobi and own expensive vehicles such as a Prado TX, Mercedes Benz, and a V8.