Video: Eric Omondi Heads To Uganda In Style -

Video: Eric Omondi Heads To Uganda In Style

Comedian Eric Omondi once again grabs the attention of Kenyans as he embarks on a trip to Uganda. Departing from his usual quirky footwear, the renowned comedian opts for a unique mode of transportation—an unconventional vehicle. Adding to the spectacle, Eric adorns himself in a suit crafted from sacks.

Taking to Instagram, he exclaims, “UGANDAAA!!!!🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬 I am on my way to the Airport. Why walk in SHOES when you can drive in them?”

In a similar fashion, Eric Omondi caused a sensation online last month during his visit to Tanzania, sporting an oversized pair of boots. Cameras captured him stepping out of a car and a plane while wearing these shoes.

“This is shoe number 126. These shoes are custom-made, and you can’t find this kind of leather here in Kenya. It’s buffalo leather, and it took about a week to make. The challenge was importing the materials. I’m doing this to show Kenyans that those who think they can fit into my shoes cannot,” he explained to Vloggers.

Subsequently, Eric announced his plans to auction off all his eccentric shoes, stating, “I am auctioning my most valuable assets. How much do you think each pair should go for?” via an Instagram post.

Nevertheless, the comedian is now heading to Uganda to host an event featuring a performance by Diamond.