2 Maasai Mara University Students Drown In Enkare Narok  River

Two students from Maasai Mara University tragically lost their lives as they attempted to cross the swollen Enkare Narok River on Thursday morning, using a makeshift log bridge.

According to witnesses present at the scene, a first-year female student slipped and fell into the turbulent waters. In a desperate attempt to help her, her second-year male counterpart also fell into the river while trying to assist her.

The Narok County Commissioner, Kipkech Lotiatia, confirmed the incident, stating that it occurred near the Africa Hope Hall, close to the university premises. He recounted how observers described the girl’s loss of balance, leading to both students plunging into the river.

Lotiatia highlighted the dangerous trend of incidents involving the Enkare Narok and Ewaso Ngiro rivers, which have claimed the lives of more than ten students over the past nine years, emphasizing the need for caution, particularly during the rainy season.

Accompanied by members of the Narok Security Committee, the commissioner issued a stern warning to both students and residents, urging them to stay away from the overflowing rivers due to the heightened risks they pose to human life and livestock.

Lotiatia also disclosed the unfortunate history of university students drowning while engaging in recreational activities along the riverbanks. He mentioned the discovery of a third body floating in the Enkare Narok River around 10:00 am.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Lotiatia informed that the local police force in Narok was collaborating with the university management to gather additional information about the two deceased students and the circumstances surrounding their tragic demise.