Drama -KPLC Senior Manager Bumps into Husband with Girlfriend at Mombasa Club, Where She Had Also Gone for a Date with Boyfriend

Club 10th Street in Mombasa bore witness to a tumultuous event as a high-ranking KPLC Manager, evidently under the influence, was forcibly ousted from the establishment yesterday.

The commotion ensued when she unexpectedly stumbled upon her husband in the company of another woman during what was intended to be her own evening out.

Unaware of her spouse’s presence at the club with his paramour, the deceived woman found herself in a precarious predicament.

In a surge of fury, possibly exacerbated by alcohol, she confronted her husband, igniting a fiery altercation that disrupted the club’s ambiance.

With tensions mounting, the bouncers intervened to restore order, ultimately escorting the inebriated woman off the premises.