Drama After a Man Showed up at His Own Burial -

Drama After a Man Showed up at His Own Burial

Drama unfolded in Itakaibolu Village, located in Kaliro District, Uganda, when a man appeared at his own funeral. Asadi Ndekeire arrived at the burial with a group of intoxicated friends, joining mourners who had already gathered to bid him farewell. They arrived late and sat in the back of the tent.

After the coffin was lowered into the ground, Ndekeire and his friends stumbled to the graveside to pour soil into the hole. During his farewell speech, Ndekeire mentioned the deceased, claiming that he was weak and would cry like a baby due to his overweight wife.

Mourners were shocked as they recognized the familiar voice, and women began screaming, causing everyone to run away. Ndekeire also became sober and quickly fled. Several men from the village had to chase him and bring him back.

Ndekeire had been missing for several days, and his family revealed that he had been a frequent patron at a village bar. One day, a man was killed by a sugarcane truck near the bar, and when Ndekeire’s family saw a grey sweater at the mortuary, they assumed it was him.

Ndekeire claimed he had been kidnapped by people he owed money. The mourners were then faced with a difficult question: Whose remains had they already buried?