“Naskia kuongeza mwingine!” Nadia Mukami Reveals Why She Desires To Have a 2nd Child

Kenyan music sensation Nadia Mukami has recently expressed her eagerness to expand her family with her fiancé, Arrow Bwoy, following the joyous arrival of their first child, Haseeb Kai, about a year and a half ago.

In a heartfelt Instagram post shared on a Saturday, Nadia adorned her feed with charming photos featuring herself and their growing son, Kai, both adorned with beaming smiles. Alongside the visuals, she disclosed that their young son has begun to outgrow his current surroundings, sparking contemplation about the prospect of welcoming another addition to their family.

“Naskia kuongeza mwingine. Kai ameanza kuboeka. Huu upendo @Haseebkai,” Nadia wrote in Swahili, signaling her inclination towards expanding their family unit.

Recently, the 26-year-old songstress openly expressed feeling daunted by the rapid development of her son. Through snapshots shared on her Instagram handle, she highlighted Kai’s noticeable growth, day by day, revealing her apprehensions about the imminent changes in their mother-son dynamics.

Nadia candidly voiced her concerns about the possibility of Kai soon asserting his need for privacy, potentially requesting her to knock before entering his space or even admonishing her for public displays of affection, fearing embarrassment.

“Ninaogopa kwamba anakua na hivi karibuni atasema mama tafadhali bisha au hata kusema mama achana na chum (busu) unaniaibisha,” Nadia Mukami expressed her worries.

The devoted mother acknowledged that encountering such shifts in their relationship dynamics might stir a flurry of emotions, perhaps even leading to tears.

Additionally, she hinted at the profound bond shared between herself and Kai, expressing overwhelming sentiments of love and understanding towards the concept of a “Mama’s Boy,” debunking any prior misconceptions she might have held.

Nadia Mukami and her partner, Arrow Bwoy, joyously welcomed their son, Haseeb Kai, into the world in March of the preceding year, marking a pivotal moment in their lives.

“24.03.2022 tumepokea zawadi nzuri zaidi Haseeb Kai. Karibu kwenye ulimwengu wetu,” Arrow Bwoy joyfully announced via his Instagram account, celebrating the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Their journey to parenthood was preceded by the loss of a pregnancy, a poignant chapter in their lives that strengthened their resolve and deepened their bond as a couple.