Grade 8 student dies after drinking Juice Cola

The Odinti family is engulfed in grief as they mourn the unexpected loss of their cherished daughter, Michel Akoth.

Michel’s tragic passing originated from an ordinary afternoon spent with her friend, innocently enjoying what they believed to be a harmless refreshment of cola juice.

Unbeknownst to them, the container they used harbored a deadly pesticide.

Michel, a bright 12-year-old enrolled in Grade 8 at Oten Primary School in Homabay County, fell victim to the toxic substance in the tainted beverage.

Despite valiant efforts to save her, Michel tragically succumbed to the poison while under the care of her grandmother. Remarkably, Michel’s friend survived after receiving prompt medical intervention.

The devastating incident has left the Odinti family not only mourning the loss of their daughter but also grappling with the daunting task of arranging her burial amidst financial hardship.

Titus Odinti, Michel’s father and a carpenter by profession, finds himself unable to bear the entire burden of funeral expenses alone.

Consequently, he has journeyed back to Nairobi in search of additional work to supplement the family’s income, leaving his wife behind in their hometown.

In a heartfelt appeal for assistance, Titus Odinti has reached out to the community, seeking to raise KSh 150,000 to ensure Michel’s farewell is dignified.