Tony Waiguru, Anne Waiguru First Husband & Why They Divorced

Anne Waiguru has been a prominent figure in Kenyan leadership for nearly a decade. Initially thrust into the spotlight as the nominee for the cabinet secretary of Devolution, her tenure in the ministry was brief due to her association with the notorious NYS scandal.

Undeterred, Waiguru later contested and triumphed over political heavyweight Martha Karua for the Kirinyaga Governor seat, securing her position for a second term. Beyond her political career, this article delves into Anne Mumbi Waiguru’s personal life as a family woman.

In the 1990s, Anne first encountered her ex-husband, Mr. Tony Waiguru, at the Nairobi Lighthouse church. After years of courtship, they tied the knot. Tony, the son of a Murang’a MP at the time, enjoyed marital bliss until Anne raised concerns about Tony’s brother, a pastor at their church. Disagreements ensued, prompting Anne to switch to Karura Community Church.

As Anne ascended the professional ranks, her marriage with Tony faced challenges, ultimately culminating in divorce after her World Bank appointment.

Subsequently, Anne entered into matrimony with Kamotho Waiganjo, whose first wife was Mrs. Lorna Seneiya. The couple currently resides together.

From her first marriage with Tony, Anne is the mother of three boys – Ian Waiguru, Don Waiguru, and Wabu Waiguru. Ian, the eldest, attended Brookhouse School and St. Mary’s, later establishing himself as the CEO and founder of Something Inc, an IT company.

While Anne Waiguru’s family details are not extensively discussed, some sources mention her father’s occupation as a policeman and her mother’s involvement in an unspecified business. Tragically, Anne’s father passed away when she was 18 years old. She also has two sisters and one brother.

This article provides insight into Anne Waiguru’s multifaceted life, encompassing her political journey, marriages, and family dynamics. If you enjoyed this exploration, we welcome your opinions in the comment section below.