Kaveve Kazoze singer Ngesh spotted at Mike Sonko's home spa -

Kaveve Kazoze singer Ngesh spotted at Mike Sonko’s home spa

Manzi Wa Kibera, Conjestina Achieng, Ng’esh Wa Vasha, and Spider Clan were recently seen at Mike Sonko Mbuvi’s residence, indulging in the services offered at his spa and barbershop. This occurrence follows shortly after the former Nairobi governor gifted Spider Clan, a popular gengetone group, with shoes and clothes.

A recent video footage also captures the artists enjoying pedicure treatments in preparation for their upcoming performance in Mombasa.

In a statement, Mike Sonko expressed his commitment to supporting local talent, stating, “We must support our own. I gifted the Spider Clan crew (Kaveve Kazoze) with some items for their performances and also paid them to perform at Club Volume in Mombasa this coming weekend. I will continue to support talented individuals across the country, as many of them rely on their abilities for their livelihoods.”

Earlier in June, Sonko hired Conjestina Achieng as a gym instructor and head of security at Salama Bling Beach Resort in Kanamai. Speaking about the employment arrangement, Sonko shared, “Conje will be the gym instructor and head of security at Salama Bling Beach Resort, Kanamai. After visiting the hotel with her sister, coach, and son, we reached an agreement. This opportunity will provide her with a means of earning a living and supporting her family. However, we have mutually agreed that she will not return to Siaya but will visit under supervision.”

Sonko further explained that his initial plan was to employ Conjestina as the head of security operations at the renowned International Club Volume. However, he reconsidered due to her past struggles with drug and substance abuse. He stated, “I don’t want her in an environment associated with drugs. As Conje embarks on this new chapter of her life, she carries the hopes and dreams of aspiring young boxers. Her story serves as a reminder that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, regardless of their past or present circumstances.”