24 Year Old Mzungu Baba Jimmy Reveals How He Met His Wife, Shares Relocation Plans

Mama Jimmy and Baba Jimmy, the viral couple captivating social media platforms, recently divulged more about their life journey and how they found each other.

Their online presence has garnered significant attention, with Baba Jimmy’s remarkable command of the Swahili language and Luhya accent, despite being American, leaving many astonished.

In a recent interview, 24-year-old preacher Isaiah, along with the founder of Wajumbe Records, shared insights into his life since 2012 when he relocated to Kenya, settling in Kiminini, Kitale, alongside his parents and 11 siblings, following his father’s missionary endeavors.

Baba Jimmy disclosed that he crossed paths with his wife, Judith, in 2014 through her brother, who served as a translator.

Isaiah, who tied the knot with Judith in 2017 at the age of 18, remained steadfast in his commitment to ministry work at their Kingdom Driven Ministry church and Wajumbe Training Bible School.

Having a clear vision of his ideal partner, Isaiah emphasized that skin color held no significance to him, and Judith embodied all he sought in a spouse.

Though yet to acquire Kenyan citizenship, Isaiah expressed intentions to relocate his family to Kentucky, USA, where his roots lie.

On Thursday, May 30, he joyfully announced the approval of visas for his family, signaling their imminent journey to the United States.

“Sasa tumepata ripoti, VISA ya Mama Jimmy imetoka sasa tutaenda America, kwa wale wanasema nipeleke Mama Jimmy U.S ndio iyo sasa tunakaribia.”

The couple is blessed with a son named Jimmy and a daughter named Cynthia.