Eunice Otieng: Boda Boda Woman Who Built Her Multi-Million House and Rental Rooms in the Village

In 2017, Eunice Otieng’s life underwent a remarkable transformation, leading her down an unforeseen path. Faced with a multitude of daunting challenges, she emerged triumphant, reshaping her life in ways she could never have foreseen. Eunice’s remarkable journey serves as a wellspring of inspiration for all who confront adversity.

Eunice’s hardships began when her husband departed, leaving her for another woman. As a devoted wife and mother, she was not only left heartbroken but also burdened with substantial debts that she had incurred for her spouse during their union.

To compound her difficulties, Eunice and her young daughter were forced to vacate their home due to unpaid rent arrears that had amassed over several months. It was an incredibly dire situation that would have tested even the most resilient of spirits.

Nevertheless, Eunice possessed an inner strength that refused to yield to despair. Rather than succumbing to hopelessness, she opted to tap into her resilience and resolve.

Endowed with a modest income from her nursing job and a growing mountain of debt, she made the bold decision to rebuild her life from the ground up. She understood the need to secure a better future for both herself and her daughter.

“I was on the brink of losing my mind with my meager salary. I had no alternative but to contemplate how to begin anew,” Eunice recalled.

She resolved to embark on an audacious venture as a boda boda rider. Utilizing her motorcycle, she embarked on this new endeavor. While working as a nurse during the day, she devoted her free time to her newfound side hustle.

The journey was arduous, with Eunice meticulously managing her finances, ensuring that her monthly nursing income was prioritized for repaying her loans.

Her unwavering determination and tireless effort eventually paid dividends, allowing her to save Sh. 26,000, which would serve as the initial capital for her next venture.

In addition to her savings, she possessed a piece of land that she had wisely acquired before her marriage. On this land, she harbored a vision of constructing her dream home and multiple rental properties. Her desire to provide her daughter with a brighter future was the driving force behind her endeavors.

“I made up my mind to work diligently to secure the best for my child. I believe I was propelled by my determination to transform my life. That’s why I was able to complete the house,” Eunice proudly shared.

In an astonishing gesture, Eunice bestowed upon her five-year-old daughter the role of a landlady, granting her ownership of one of the rental properties. This act was not only about ensuring a brighter future for her child but also a symbolic gesture of erasing the tears they shed when their previous landlord locked them out of their home.