Bishop Jim Nduruchi Badly Exposed After Allegedly Sodomizing Church Members.

Controversial bishop, Jim Nduruchi is a man known to many Kenyans. He was the director of Rise Up Society Organization, an anti-jigger campaign movement in western Kenya and an aspiring politician in that region but lost the Bungoma Gubernatorial seat in 2017.

According to an exposee by K24 Digital, the bishop is accused of seducing and defiling men in his church and sending death threats to his victims.

A pianist in his church and a worship man have come out to reveal what happens behind the cloth.

The victims who spoke to K24 on basis of anonymity, said that the bishop entised them with car rides and loads of money to accept his needs at his home in Millimani estate.

“He asked me to visit his house where he promised to give me one of his many cars to be using plus another lump sum amount of cash but he ended up brandishing a pistol on my face before sodomizing me in his living room,” narrated one of the victims.

The victim went on to add that Nduruchi warned him not to talk or reveal what had happened between the two or risk being killed.

The victim who was living at the church’s compound went on to add that he was kicked out of the house after the act.

“I now have nowhere to live with an incident draining my emotion and self-esteem. I do not see the meaning of life anymore if such a highly respected person who claims to be a man of God can do such an unnatural act to me.”

He went on to allege that in 2019, the bishop killed one of his friend, John Gift Masinde after he (John Gift) refused to give in Jim’s move on him.

According to John’s sister, Ms Wafula, the aspiring comedian had met the bishop who promised to sponsor him in Kitale.

Claims are that the comedian died from poisoning and excessive bleeding as a result of sodoomy.

“John Gift was still bleeding all over his body. There was a lot of blood on his skull, bladder, stomach and brain. As a family, we want to know why, a week later, my late brother is still bleeding in excess,” she said in a past interview.

Another victim who fall prey of the bishop’s despicable acts is House agent in Kitale.

The man said that the bishop has been trying so hard to convince him to have an sex with him adding that he had to quit the church.

“The guy is constantly stalking me and pestering me with calls and text messages on how he wants us to have the unnatural act with a promise of a plump job. He has been sending me money through MPESA, something that has strained my relationship with my wife who has seen some of the messages on my phone.”

The victims are among more than 50 others who have reported the matter to the police.

“We are the bold ones who have decided to tell the world what is happening in Kitale and we know of many other men who fear to come out openly.”