(VIDEO) 7-year-old boy driving a lorry like a pro emerges Kenyans never learn.
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(VIDEO) 7-year-old boy driving a lorry like a pro emerges Kenyans never learn

A 7-year-old kid from Embu has shocked Kenyans after he was spotted on camera driving a truck like a professional driver.

While her agemates are occupied with playing with toys, the kid is busy honing his driving skills and if the trending video is anything to go by, he is very good at it

The video that has overwhelmed social media has started mixed responses from Netizens.

Some supported the little fellow while others condemned him.

“This is how we kill our talents. The boy is trying his skills, others are busy taking videos of the truck registration. So disappointing,” a social media user reacted in support of the young boy.

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“I think the owner of the lorry has money. Prepare for a date with the law,” another user reacted.

The video comes a month after a businessman from Murang’a found himself in trouble with the law after his 7-year-old son was recorded driving a Prado on a busy road.

Here’s the video of the young boy from Embu flaunting his driving skills and reactions from Netizens.