Richard Hammond’s Net Worth-How Tall Is He

Richard Hammond’s net worth

SHORT GUY.What’s Richard Hammond’s net worth, what cars does the Grand tour presenter own?

An in-depth review of the grand tour presenter, who’s shot to fame on the top gear.what is richard hammond’s net worth?

RICHARD Hammond, however cheated death twice in car accidents, is set to return for at least two more seasons of The Grand Tour, as his partner-in-crime Jeremy Clarkson confirmed Amazon had asked them to do more.

Here is a in-depth research about the famous presenter.

Who is Richard Hammond and how tall is he?

He is a British presenter, writer and journalist. Richard Hammond was born in 1969 December 19.

Richard is 5ft 5tall.nicknamed ‘’HAMSTER’’.

Hamster is well known for hosting top gear from 2002-2015.Him with James may and James Clarkson currently host the grand tour.

He has also presented Total Wipeout (2009–2012) and Planet Earth Live (2012).

What is Richard Hammond’s net worth?

Richard Hammond’s net worth currently stands at £20 million.

This is immensely from his salary as a top gear presenter, and most importantly  his wages as the grand tour co-host.

Richard and fellow friends and co-host Jeremy Clarkson and James may are well known for living big.

Hammond is known to commute on his helicopter from his home in Herefordshire to London.

What vehicles does Richard Hammond own?

It’s more of a case of which cars he doesn’t own.

Here is Richards Hammond’s list of car collections, and motor cycles to.

Richard Hammond’s net worth on cars.

Lotus Esprit 350 Sport

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

1931 Lagonda 2-litre Superchards

1968 Ford Mustang GT 390

Land Rover Defender

Bentley S1

Is Richard Hammond Married?

Richard Hammond’s fiancé is Amanda ‘’Mindy Etheridge’’.She is a communist working currently with the Daily express.

They both have two daughters willow and Isabella. Hammond has being married to Mindy etheridge since 2002.

How many car crashes has Richard Hammond Had?

Hammond has also most died on car accident twice.


RICHARD suffered very serious head injuries while filming extra footage for top gear. This happened when a jet powered car spun out of control at288mph.

The unconscious Richard was airlifted to Leeds general infirmary’s neurological unit. He remained in a coma for two weeks.

Infact ,There were worries he won’t survive.

Richard has revealed that due to the injuries of his brain he has suffered memory loss, and also depression and sometimes finds it hard to “connect emotionally”.

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