'She Bathes Me, Changes My Diapers,'Popular 'Maina Wa Farm 'Narrates-Life after the Accident

‘She Bathes Me, Changes My Diapers,’Popular ‘Maina Wa Farm ‘Narrates-Life after the Accident

Marriage is a gift from God.Many want their marriage to be a shining stars,joy to watch by many..

Joseph Maina Mungai and his better half Alice Wangui are a true example of couples who have been by one another’s side even when the going got tough.The two have two children,boy aged 16 and a young girl in class 6.The couple is from Marila in Muranga county.

Maina and his family had been living their dream life before he got an accident and broke his spinal cord.Since then his life took a U_turn,his spouse assuming all the family duties.

He,maina clarifies how his better half has stuck close by his side all this while supporting him in all possible ways.’She bathes me,changes my diapers,buys me medicine’,Maina says.

Alice Wangui says that God has been here strength since the time the accident occured and regardless of how hard it is God has assisted her with adjusting things in her home and surprisingly more, regarding her husband for there is hope even in his condition.

Having consulted several doctors about his condition,Maina currently awaits God’s ideal time to heal and walk again.Since he sat on a wheelchair he has been unable to work, but now he hopes to invest on an animal feed business with the help of well_wishers to easen the pressure on his lovely wife.