Comedian Eric Omondi Refunds Money Moses Kuria Used to Fund His US Trip 7 Years Ago

Kenyan comedian and activist Eric Omondi recently made headlines by refunding Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria the funds he had provided for Omondi’s US trip seven years prior. This gesture was captured in a video shared on social media, depicting Omondi meticulously counting out neatly arranged Ksh 1000 notes before handing them over to Kuria.

This act of reimbursement follows a series of events from last year when Omondi initially claimed to have refunded the money to the CS. He even shared a screenshot of an M-Pesa transaction, demonstrating the transfer of Ksh 126,000 to Moses Kuria. However, doubts surfaced among fans regarding the authenticity of this transaction. Subsequently, during an interview with Mungai Eve, Omondi dialed Kuria and put him on speakerphone to confirm the refund, yet Kuria denied ever receiving any money from the comedian, likening the situation to pouring water into a lake.

Omondi defended himself, asserting that Kuria likely missed his message amidst the deluge of M-Pesa notifications he receives daily. This repayment came on the heels of Moses Kuria expressing regret over sponsoring Eric Omondi’s US tour seven years prior. Kuria disclosed his remorse regarding his decision to finance Omondi’s overseas trip, stating, “Seven years ago, I took Eric Omondi to America using my money so he can see the world, but from the way he is talking right now, it would have been better if I used that money to party.”

In response to Kuria’s televised criticism of him and the government, Omondi opted for a symbolic act by flying to London merely to ‘have lunch.’ This move was interpreted as a demonstration of defiance and a pointed response to Kuria’s disparagement.