” Nilikuwa Napea BIBI Yangu Kila Kitu Lakini Alienda Kukuliwa Na Matu Wa NDUTHI Kwa Bedsitter”, KRG Narrates how his wife left him

One of the most contentious and affluent figures in Kenya’s dancehall scene, Krg the Don, is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute with his former spouse, Linah.

The once romantic duo parted ways a year ago, and in October of the subsequent year (2021), Krg the Don initiated legal proceedings to secure a divorce.

While awaiting the official judgment to dissolve their legal union, Krg the Don has chosen to publicly reveal the unpleasant behavior exhibited by his ex-wife Linah during their relationship.

According to Krg the Don, he generously provided his ex-wife with everything, including a substantial amount of money. They resided in a luxurious multimillion-dollar mansion situated in one of Nairobi’s upscale neighborhoods, leading a lavish lifestyle. Despite enjoying such opulence, Linah chose to engage in promiscuous behavior.

Krg the Don disclosed that Linah had transformed into a prolific prostitute, engaging in extramarital affairs with multiple men, some of whom resided in more modest accommodations.

There was even an incident where Krg the Don received a distressing call informing him that his ex-wife had been caught in an illicit affair with someone else’s husband in Ruaka.

In addition to her involvement in extramarital affairs, Krg the Don revealed that Linah frequented local clubs, where she would become intoxicated and engage in intimate activities with random men, possibly even participating in sexual encounters within the club premises.

Expressing concern about the potential health risks associated with such behavior, Krg the Don highlighted the dangers of contracting diseases.

Despite Krg the Don’s attempts to communicate and reason with Linah, she remained unresponsive, leading him to make the difficult decision to terminate their relationship and pursue a divorce.

Krg the Don asserted that he is currently faring well and is diligently taking care of his children. Looking ahead, he expressed his intention to remarry after the divorce is finalized.