Mulamwah Threatens To Take Action Against A Gulf Based lady, “we are speaking with the agency atapoteza adi hiyo Kazi.”

Kenyan comedian and media personality David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, recently found himself embroiled in a conflict with a Gulf-based Kenyan blogger. This blogger, identified as Senjee, took to TikTok to address Mulamwah’s wife, Ruth K., in a video.

In her video, Senjee made several critical remarks about Ruth K. and Mulamwah’s behavior since the birth of their son. She accused the couple of being overly present on social media and criticized them for creating accounts for their newborn baby. Senjee also condemned Ruth K. for allegedly insisting that Mulamwah’s grandmother only had grandsons.

Further adding fuel to the fire, Senjee accused the couple of being tight-fisted with money and highlighted their efforts to find suitable nannies despite offering low pay. In response to these allegations, Mulamwah expressed his frustration with the ongoing online attacks and hinted at taking legal action.

Mulamwah asserted that Senjee had consistently insulted his partner and believed it was time for her to face consequences for her actions. He claimed to be in discussions with the agency responsible for Senjee’s employment in the Gulf, suggesting that if he chose to retaliate, she could risk losing her job.