Khalif Kairo shares pictures with a Rwandese lady pilot, Days After Breakup With girlfriend Cera Imani

Kenyan entrepreneur and car aficionado Khalif Kairo has sparked speculation among his followers, hinting at a possible rebound from his recent breakup with Cera Imani. This speculation arose when he posted pictures alongside a captivating pilot on his social media platforms.

Identified as Iggy from Rwanda, Khalif Kairo showcased several snapshots featuring himself and Iggy, portraying a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment, particularly after a safe landing.

Khalif Kairo had been a trending topic in recent months following his public introduction of Cera Imani as his romantic partner. However, Kenyan netizens delved into Cera’s history, fueling rumors regarding her frequent visits to a specific club before her relationship with Kairo.

In defense of his now ex-girlfriend, Kairo staunchly supported Cera, emphasizing that her past was inconsequential to him and expressing his readiness to commit to her.

Yet, merely days later, Kairo disclosed that Cera Imani had terminated their relationship. Speaking with TNX Africa on May 16, Cera confirmed the breakup, acknowledging it as her reality. Despite the separation, she emphasized the amicable nature of their ongoing friendship. However, neither party disclosed the precise reasons behind their split.