Manzi Wa Kibera’s step-children reveal cause of their dad’s death & burial dispute

The passing of Samuel Nzioki Ndunda, the ex-boyfriend of Manzi Wa Kibera, has been confirmed by his family, dispelling initial doubts about the authenticity of the news, which some perceived as a publicity stunt by the socialite.

Addressing local media outlets on April 24, both the family members and Manzi Wa Kibera, now identifying herself as a widow, provided clarity on the circumstances surrounding Samuel Ndunda’s demise.

Mary, Samuel Ndunda’s daughter, offered insights into her father’s life and relationships. She mentioned his longstanding struggle with chest problems, a discomfort he occasionally voiced. Mary recounted receiving a call about her father’s illness and another call the following Sunday, reporting his worsening condition. Tragically, upon her arrival at his residence for the second time, she discovered that he had already passed away.

Reflecting on his father’s sickness and subsequent passing, Samuel Ndunda’s son recalled receiving a phone call late on Saturday night about his father’s illness. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, he couldn’t visit until the next morning, when he received the devastating news of his father’s demise. Together with his niece, they arranged for their father’s body to be taken to the City Mortuary.

Regarding burial arrangements, Ndunda’s daughter revealed that due to ongoing conflicts within the family regarding ancestral land, he would not be laid to rest there as traditionally done. The family-owned land, typically designated for burials, is entangled in legal disputes, prompting the decision to inter him at Lang’ata Cemetery to avoid further controversy.

Mary also appealed for assistance from well-wishers, citing the family’s limited financial means. Expressing gratitude for any support offered, she emphasized her father’s compassionate nature towards others. The family specified areas where assistance would be appreciated, including covering funeral expenses such as the coffin, hospital bills, transportation, and logistical arrangements.