Woman, Who Miscarried Twice, Gives Birth After Keeping Pregnancy Hidden from Family and Friends

A heartwarming video circulating on TikTok depicts the emotional response of a family upon receiving surprising news of a new addition.

The creator of the video, known as @thisischioma_x, made the decision to keep her pregnancy concealed from her loved ones following two heartbreaking miscarriages.

In the poignant clip, her family members are visibly moved with joy and gratitude upon discovering the arrival of the newborn baby.

The video captures the family’s expressions of praise and thanks to God as they marvel at the newborn’s beauty. Of note, the mother-in-law expresses her elation and affectionately calls the new mother “my golden tomatoes.”

Accompanying the video is a caption that reads: “POV: You didn’t tell anyone you were pregnant after experiencing 2 miscarriages.”

Joyce8 responded: “Congratulations, dear, that ‘golden tomatoes’ comment really touched me.”

MaaAdjooo reacted: “Aww. Congratulations. This is so adorable.”

Muheenah222 commented: “The mother-in-law’s reaction is priceless.”

Forever_genuine added: “This happiness will last a lifetime.”