Drama in Kangemi as a thief who would steal women under-wears is caught red-handed

Residents of a certain plot in Kangemi had always complained of their panties going missing when they hanged them on the line.

The women could not understand why a person would leave every other thing but choose to take their inner wears in the middle of the night. They had even installed CCTV cameras in their apartments in a bid to catch the thief who had stolen from them for more than six months.

However, last week, something very odd happened in that plot after they were awoken by screams in the middle of the night. They were scared at first because of the screams and they all went out to check what was happening. Woman Caught in Viral Video Threatening Caretaker

They were shocked to find the man who would collect their garbage screaming. The most interesting part was that he had with him almost 20 underwears which he had stolen from the hanging line. It was 2.30am.

As he was picking mama Otieno’s panties and bras, his hands got stuck on the line and a powder from the panties entered his eyes and he started feeling an unexplainable pain. That was why he had screamt in such pain. The members of the plot could not believe that he had been the man who had been stealing their lingerie and leaving them with nothing.

Mama Otieno told the crowd that had gathered to spectate on the bizarre incident that she sought the help of Doctor Mugwenu to secure her under-wears and that was why the robber got stuck while trying to take hers. Her neighbours applauded her for doing that since they had already caught the thief.

Mama Otieno later called Doctor Mugwenu who reversed the spell and thief’s hands were unstuck from the hanging line and the pain he was feeling in his eyes ceased. The neighbours gave him a thorough beating for being disrespectful and they later surrendered him to the police.

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