Ati What!? Diamond Platnum Vixen ‘Zuwena’ Is Only 17 Years old

Recho Elias, also known by the stage name Zuwena, has recently disclosed her age to the public. The Tanzanian personality, renowned for her role as the main character in Diamond’s latest music video “Zuwena,” has affirmed that she is merely 17 years old. During an interview with a Tanzanian television station, she expressed her frustration at the disbelief she encounters when sharing her age.

Recho emphasized that she lacks a national identity card and faces restrictions from participating in certain social events due to her legal status as a minor. When questioned about her age, she responded, “I’m just 17 years old, still youthful. What’s your opinion? The significance of this number 17 holds a significant secret for the lovely Recho Elias! Whether you’re protesting or require proof, do you want to see the clinic card, or shall I present it to you?”

The interviewer continued to exhibit skepticism regarding Recho’s age. Adding an intriguing element, Recho mentioned that the television she acquired post the success of the “Zuwena” video was a 17-inch TV, fueling speculation that the number 17 holds particular significance for her.

In a previous revelation, Recho disclosed that Diamond paid her 17 million Tanzanian shillings for her portrayal of the character Zuwena. It appears that the number 17 holds both luck and popularity in the world of this video vixen.