Meet A Kenyan Uji Seller Ripping KSH.100,000 Monthly From hawking Porridge

When faced with life’s challenges, the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” encourages individuals to seek the positive and make the best of the situations life throws at them.

Janet Chepkoech, a resident of Kericho, exemplifies this concept as she navigated a difficult phase in her life and turned it into a lucrative business venture that earned her substantial income.

As a porridge vendor, Chepkoech shared in a previous interview that she entered the business to support her family, given her role as the provider and the absence of a conventional job.

Since venturing into the business, Chepkoech has built a strong customer base to whom she consistently provides porridge. She mentioned that her regular clientele includes vendors from across the city and government officials from the Kericho Area.

The mother of two claims to earn up to Sh4,000 daily. Considering she works six days a week, this amounts to over Sh100,000 per month.

“On average, I sell 10 liters of porridge—5 liters of fermented porridge and 5 liters of non-fermented porridge—with a cup priced at Sh20 and over 100 chapatis before morning, and I make Sh4000 every day like that,” said the industrious businesswoman.

“With that kind of money, I’m able to save, participate in table financial associations, and provide for my family,” she added.

To ensure the timely delivery of porridge and chapatis to customers, Chepkoech emphasized the need to be up in the early morning hours.

Having been in the business for over five years, she stated that educating and supporting her children is her primary goal.

Chepkoech discovered that consistently delivering food that meets customer expectations, receiving positive feedback, and attentively listening to her customer base have been crucial advantages for her business.

“Maintaining good hygiene and cultivating friendly relationships with customers has worked wonders for me. I also ensure that I live up to my customers’ expectations. Therefore, I treat them with the dignity they deserve,” she noted.

Similar to any other venture, Chepkoech’s business has faced significant challenges. She elaborated on how the COVID-19 pandemic posed one of the most formidable obstacles, particularly due to strict government regulations. Despite the severe impact on her business, she managed to recover.