Inooro FM , Nderitu wa Ihura Accused Of Using His Role To Fight DP’s “Hustler Nation”

Renowned Inooro FM journalist known for his late night show, Keera, at the Royal Media Serviced radio station, Nderitu Wa Ihura has yet wound up under hot criticism after purportedly using his show to fight Hustler Nation.

Nderitu Wa Ihura shows up on Inooro FM in collaboration with former Citizen TV anchor, Mike Mjenga, every day from 8pm to 12am. He hosts political analysis where he welcomed politicians to talk about the star of the Nation issues regarding governmental issues. The two also host Kimuri show on Inooro TV.

Nderitu, has now been accused to be leaning towards Uhuru’s Kieleweke politics than that of Tangatanga, seeming to be fighting the deputy president. In a viral post that have gone across facebook platforms, Nderitu has been viewed as one of the journalists fighting the Deputy President William Ruto’s Hustler nation narrative.

As per the post, the journalist is advised that mount Kenya is behind the narrative and subsequently requested to stop fighting him despite that there is still a case in court. He is said to be insulting leaders allied to the Deputy President.

“This Nderitu Waihura is using Inooro to spread tribalism and hatred words against Hustlers. Aambiwe Mt Kenya are behind our Hustlers Commander Dr William Ruto. Ameze wembe na hatubanduki huko .Nonsense Presenter. He always insult all leaders who supports Dr William Ruto from Mt Kenya region