Lady’s last Very Painful words to her sister before been raped killed by ‘Nduthi Guy’ who gave them a lift home

Law enforcement is in pursuit of an individual accused of sexually assaulting and murdering an 18-year-old woman in Imenti Central, Meru County.

According to police reports, a disturbance occurred at the suspect’s residence after he enticed the victim and her sister with a motorcycle ride on Sunday night. During the ride, the woman reportedly bit the suspect’s tongue, resulting in a scuffle. The motorcycle rider is currently evading authorities.

The victim’s 17-year-old sister, Elsie Kagute, who managed to escape the ordeal, provided an account of how the suspect lured them into his house. After attending a crusade at Gacibi, a local shopping center, with her sister Rose Nkatha, they began walking home. The suspect, Kelvin Mwaki, known to the victim, followed them and offered a ride.

Around 9 pm, reluctant to be taken advantage of, they decided to pay the suspect Sh200 for the ride. However, instead of heading towards their home, the suspect took them to his house, claiming he needed to pick groundnuts as he was chewing miraa. When questioned, he forced Nkatha into his house and ordered Elsie to leave. A scuffle ensued, and despite Elsie’s resistance, the suspect managed to push her out and lock the door.

Nkatha was brutally beaten, raped, and subsequently killed. Despite their cries for help, no one came to their rescue. The victim’s father, David Kiiru, described Mwaki as a menace in the village, terrorizing residents with threats of violence. Mwaki had a history of violence, including an incident where he slashed his own wife with a panga. Despite pleading for forgiveness, they continued living together until the wife left due to continued abuse.

Moses Murimi, Nkatha’s brother, expressed shock at the events, stating that although Mwaki was violent, he never expected him to commit murder. Police discovered signs of struggle at the crime scene, including a piece of what is believed to be Mwaki’s tongue soaked in blood. The suspect’s motorcycle was neatly parked in the sitting room, suggesting a possible prelude to the crime.

Nkatha’s body, showing signs of head injuries from a blunt object, was taken to Gotolengo Mission Hospital mortuary for post-mortem tests. Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the victim wearing her clothes inside-out and seeking to establish when she was raped and killed.

Kennedy Apindi, Imenti Central DCI boss, confirmed a manhunt for the suspect and urged medical facilities to be vigilant for anyone seeking treatment while missing a piece of their tongue. Police are utilizing all available resources to track down the suspect, who is known to the victim, with leads suggesting an attempted escape to Mombasa.