Kitale woman rescues street boy, takes him back to school -

Kitale woman rescues street boy, takes him back to school

The government is actively taking measures to combat the concerning rise in the number of street families in Kenya, under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

These vulnerable families are prevalent in urban areas, with a significant portion being comprised of young individuals who once held promising prospects. Unfortunately, they have fallen victim to fractured households, indiscipline, poverty, and other socio-economic challenges.

To address this issue, the government has established the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF). This fund serves to coordinate rehabilitation endeavors, conduct public awareness campaigns, pool resources, generate funds, and welcome donations aimed at rehabilitating these families.

In parallel with governmental initiatives, numerous compassionate individuals have come forward to contribute to the rehabilitation of these young people. These efforts range from sponsoring their education and facilitating their transition to rehabilitation facilities to connecting them with various essential resources.

In a recent viral TikTok video, a compassionate woman from Kitale extended her support to a young boy, emphasizing his potential for success. The woman, identified as Martha Waithera, commended the boy’s handsome appearance and underscored his potential to excel in male modeling or even attain the title of Mr. Kenya in the future.

Despite her evident affection for the boy, Martha Waithera was deeply saddened by the sight of a bright teenager named Nicholas Lucky Sabila languishing on the streets. In the video, she urged him to recognize his worth and potential, expressing concern that the streets could jeopardize his future.

Lucky Sabila, who had been begging for money to afford lunch, shared that he had been living on the streets since 2021 after leaving his home in Endebess.

Touched by his plight, Martha inquired about his aspirations and how she could assist him in leaving the streets. She initially intended to provide him with KSh 100 in exchange for the glue he was using to sniff.

However, Lucky revealed that he had completed his primary education and harbored a desire to learn deejaying, a skill that would empower him to support himself. Martha was astonished when Lucky recited the contact information of the deejaying academy he wished to attend, showing his determination.

Coincidentally, or perhaps through divine intervention, Martha happened to be acquainted with the deejaying trainer, who was also her friend and had taught her daughter. She promptly contacted the trainer and explained Lucky’s situation, and the trainer affirmed his passion and potential.

Encouragingly, the trainer agreed to enroll Lucky in the deejaying classes, suggesting that his consistency and dedication would determine the extent of future support. He advised Martha to emphasize the importance of distancing Lucky from the streets to secure a brighter future.

Martha generously offered to cover Lucky’s deejaying classes and meals, while urging the trainer to provide ongoing mentorship and guidance.