Beyond the screen: Remarkable careers of all ‘Becky’ actors

The local television series ‘Becky’ has attracted considerable attention, featuring a mix of emerging talents and seasoned actors from Kenya’s entertainment industry.

Premiering on July 31, 2023, ‘Becky’ replaced the ‘Sultana’ series in its time slot, which concluded on July 27.

The ensemble cast includes familiar names such as Andrew Levi, Lucy Maina, Brenda Ngeso, Trisha Khalid, Sammy Mwangi, and Jeff Omondi, among others.

These actors not only shine on screen but also boast diverse off-screen pursuits that might surprise viewers. Let’s delve into the profiles of 10 ‘Becky’ actors, highlighting their roles in the series and their achievements beyond acting.

  1. Andrew Levi:
    Andrew Levi, renowned for his role as Junior in ‘Becky,’ has captivated audiences with his compelling performance, characterized by a resonant voice and distinct accent. Despite his success in acting, Andrew pursued academic interests, studying Chinese and martial arts in China before shifting his focus to Law and Medicine in the U.K. He achieved a remarkable feat with a first-class degree from prestigious institutions like Cambridge and Oxford, demonstrating his prowess in both the corporate and entertainment worlds.
  2. Lucy Maina:
    Lucy Maina, a prominent Kenyan actress, has earned acclaim for her portrayal of the lead character in ‘Becky.’ Initially torn between a passion for the arts and an interest in travel and tourism, Lucy discovered her true calling in acting after participating in a church play. Beyond acting, Lucy has diversified her pursuits, venturing into agribusiness and documentary research, showcasing her multifaceted talents.
  3. Trisha Khalid:
    Trisha Khalid, known for her role in ‘Becky’ as a villainous character named after herself, is not only an accomplished actress but also an entrepreneur and social media influencer. Alongside her acting career, Trisha manages an online fashion venture, a salon, and actively engages in content creation and brand influencing, demonstrating her entrepreneurial acumen.
  4. Jeff Omondi:
    From humble beginnings to pursuing Theater Arts and Film at Kenyatta University, Jeff’s journey in ‘Becky’ reflects his dedication to his craft. Beyond acting, Jeff is a versatile artist involved in poetry, scriptwriting, and directing, contributing to initiatives like Mali Safi Theater Ensemble, which focuses on community-driven projects addressing societal issues.
  5. Brenda Ngeso:
    Brenda Ngeso’s portrayal of Maureen in ‘Becky’ showcases her dedication and creative talents. Alongside her acting roles, Brenda serves as an assistant director on the series and has contributed her scripting skills to in-house movies. With a background in dance and aspirations in architecture, Brenda’s versatility extends to stunt performing and translation work.
  6. Sammy Mwangi:
    Sammy Mwangi, known for his role as Tito in ‘Becky,’ balances his acting career with diverse interests. Despite pursuing a degree in Pharmacy, Sammy’s passion for the arts led him to explore voice acting, filmmaking, producing, and MCing, showcasing his versatility beyond the screen.
  7. Monica Wairimu:
    Monica Wairimu’s portrayal of Martha Katana in ‘Becky’ highlights her exceptional acting abilities and dedication to her craft. Despite her success in acting, Monica remains grounded, dedicating time to educating kindergarten children and pursuing training in psychology, showcasing her commitment to both her career and personal growth.
  8. Amina Hussein:
    Amina Hussein, known for her role as Lexy in ‘Becky,’ has established herself as a versatile presence in the entertainment industry. Beyond acting, Amina’s pursuits include commercial modeling, filmmaking, voice-over work, show hosting, and entrepreneurship, reflecting her diverse talents and interests.
  9. Haji Nzibo:
    Haji Nzibo’s portrayal of Hakim in ‘Becky’ adds depth to the series with his charismatic performance. Outside of acting, Haji engages in brand influencing activities on social media, collaborating with various brands to expand his presence beyond the screen.
  10. Linda Waiganjo:
    Linda Waiganjo, known as Amelia in ‘Becky,’ delivers a memorable performance as a mother navigating complex relationships. With a background in music and a degree in the field, Linda continues to pursue her passion for music alongside her acting career, showcasing her artistic versatility.