‘I am open to a polyamorous relationship Betty Kyallo Small Sister.’ Gloria Kyallo

Betty Kyalo’s younger sister, Gloria, recently disclosed that she is open to exploring a polyamorous relationship in the future.

A polyamorous relationship involves two romantic partners who allow each other the freedom to have personal relationships with other individuals while maintaining their commitment to each other. Success in such relationships requires adhering to specific guidelines.

On the newly released Kyallo Kulture reality show, Gloria revealed her openness to polyamory. She reiterated this stance in an interview with Buzz Central, expressing that her youth makes her more inclined to seek new experiences.

“I like to say that I am young, and when you are young, mistakes are more forgivable. People can say, ‘It’s okay, she’s young and hasn’t matured yet,’” she explained.

In a recent conversation with Mpasho, Gloria mentioned that she isn’t in a hurry to get married and doesn’t view it as a failure if she doesn’t end up getting married. While it’s not a priority for her, she hasn’t dismissed the idea entirely, influenced by her family’s experiences.

Gloria has been dating Ken Warui for over two years, describing him as very soft, kind, and charming. “I am not getting married before 35. I am still young. I don’t want to think about being with someone forever right now. I will stay with Ken as long as I am happy. If happiness ends, I will leave,” said the mental health advocate.

Several well-known celebrities have also openly discussed their involvement in polyamorous relationships, including Will and Jada Smith, actress Bella Thorne, Kehlani, and Ezra Miller.