Alice Kamau: Nairobi lady making Sh. 150,000 monthly from selling ‘Uji Power’

Alice Kamau, a young entrepreneur based in the Kimbo area of Ruiru, has established herself as the proud owner of a thriving porridge vending business. Her journey into this venture was fueled by a genuine passion for porridge, coupled with a keen observation of a market gap in the locality concerning the absence of quality porridge options.

Despite initially contemplating the idea of opening a small hotel, Alice decided to channel her efforts into filling the identified gap. Armed with a modest capital of Sh. 50,000, covering both rent and initial stock, she officially launched her enterprise. Recognizing the power of social media, especially TikTok, Alice strategically utilized these platforms to promote her business.

In the early stages, the business faced a slow start, but Alice persevered, relying on online marketing and word of mouth to gradually expand her customer base. Today, her business has flourished to the extent that it employs two individuals to assist in its daily operations. Alice proudly reports an average daily income of Sh. 10,000, with monthly profits comfortably reaching the six-figure mark at around Sh. 128,000.

After deducting expenses such as employee salaries, rent (which amounts to Sh. 22,000 monthly), and power costs, Alice still manages to retain approximately Sh. 150,000. The success of her porridge business has made it a popular choice in the area, with clients attributing its popularity to the energizing effects they experience. The secret lies in the unique blend of arrowroots, cassava, honey, milk, and the powerhouse ingredient – groundnuts.

Alice emphasizes that her entrepreneurial journey has imparted valuable lessons. For her, success is not solely measured by profits but is equally rooted in consistency and top-notch customer service. She advocates for self-drive, emphasizing the importance of sticking to one’s vision despite potential detractors. Financial discipline and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction are also key tenets she has embraced.

Looking ahead, Alice harbors dreams of expanding her porridge vending business, envisioning multiple outlets not only within Nairobi but across the entire country. As part of her commitment to nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs, she provides training on creating uji power and fruit juices. Her empowering message encourages young individuals to commence their entrepreneurial journey with whatever resources they possess, paving the way for future success. In Alice’s world, it’s not just about business; it’s about creating opportunities and inspiring others to turn their dreams into reality.