14. “Can my sister give you the kind of sex that I am giving you? Let’s do it fast before anybody finds us.” I heard my wife tell her sister’s husband as they were having sex and I almost collapsed

When I got married to my wife, she asked me to join a union she had with her other sisters and cousins where they would save money and divide it among themselves. It was a good initiative and I joined her since sisters’ husbands were also in the chama.

Six months ago, we gathered at my wife’s sister’s house to divide the savings as we always did. We always had a party to celebrate while dividing the savings. So, we went to my wife’s sister’s house where they had prepared lots of food for us to eat. We ate and drank and celebrated all day while also sharing stories.

We divided the money and even bought some alcohol to drink. At around 8pm, I noticed my wife was not in the living room with all of us and I thus asked where she was but no one had seen for an hour. I called her number but it was off. I looked for her everywhere in the house but she was nowhere to be seen and I was now getting concerned.

I went outside but it was a bit dark and while approaching the gate I heard some noise coming from a store that was just behind the house. I went to check it out and you will never believe what I found!

“Can my sister give you the kind of sex that I am giving you? Let’s do it fast before anybody finds us.” I heard my wife tell her sister’s husband as they were having sex in that store. I was so shocked I almost collapsed and I went to the house and told everybody what was going on.

My wife’s sister was flabbergasted but she advised we teach them a lesson through Doctor Mugwenu’s spells. We called him and urgently called for a sticking spell and the doctor was very helpful as he immediately cast the spell.

We heard them screaming in pain as soon as the spell went down and we rushed to the store and found them stuck at their genitals. They were so embarrassed and they were all crying asking us to help unlock them.

They were unlocked few hours later and we all gave them beating for disrespecting marriage.

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