From unknown to infamous: Peter Salasya the drama king from Mumias

Peter Kelerwa Salasya, once known only to the residents of Mumias East, rose to national prominence after securing victory in the recent General Election. Initially reserved, he has since dominated headlines, shifting from his inspiring rags-to-riches narrative to a series of scandals, including confrontations with magistrates and physical altercations with fellow politicians.

The most recent incident involving Salasya occurred during a burial in Mumias, where he unexpectedly slapped Peter Walunya Indimuli, a Member of the County Assembly from Kakamega. This action led to a disruptive altercation, causing mourners to flee as shots were fired and tensions escalated. Subsequently, Salasya was arrested and released on a Ksh.50,000 cash bail, awaiting assault charges on Monday.

Salasya defended his actions by claiming that the MCA continuously taunted him and alleged that he was sent by the local governor to create difficulties for him. Salasya emphasized his commitment to self-defense, refusing to tolerate harm from others.

This incident is just one in a series of controversial events involving the first-time MP, whose entry into national politics has been marked by drama and antics. Salasya, 35, originally gained support from Mumias East constituents while working as a bicycle hawker in Kakamega. Despite finishing last in the 2017 MP election, he remained vocal about issues such as Mumias Sugar company’s challenges, ultimately earning renewed support in 2022.

Salasya’s journey into national politics was supported by Eugene Wamalwa, and despite starting with minimal resources, he secured victory in 2022. However, his newfound fame has been accompanied by negative publicity. Whether flaunting expensive liquor on social media or engaging in public disputes, Salasya has become a household name for all the wrong reasons.

His conflicts extend beyond physical altercations, including a violent encounter with supporters of Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa. Salasya accused Barasa of orchestrating attacks on him and damaging his car. Despite these controversies, a research poll by Infotrak in November 2023 ranked Salasya as one of the top-performing young leaders in Kenya, reflecting his commitment to his constituents.

Despite Salasya’s successes, his tenure in national politics has been marred by a string of scandals and confrontations. As he continues to navigate the complex landscape of public service, his ability to balance controversy with effective leadership remains a subject of scrutiny.