Mtaalam J. Mburu; The man who runs a one man show on Jambu TV.

Kenyans are thrilled by the fact that this man has perfected the art of running a one-man show. He plays the roles of director, chairman, secretary, treasurer, supervisor, and worker in all his investments.The guy has a TV station known as JAMBU TV. In that TV, he’s the pastor, the news anchor, and the guest; […]


“Mimi na ndoa hatuendani”- A single mother says and shows how her life has transformed after she walked out of marriage! This is unbelievable (PHOTOs).

A“Mimi na ndoa hatuendani”- A single mother says and shows how her life has transformed after she walked out of marriage! This is unbelievable (PHOTOs). single mother of one has wowed social media users after sharing photos of her before and after marriage. The lady shared the photos as she celebrated her transformation after walking […]


“Apende asipende, lazima itawork”- Karen Nyamu hopeful Edday will accept they share Samidoh.

City lawyer Karen Nyamu has said that she is putting effort in having a happy union with her baby daddy Samidoh and his first wife Edday Nderitu. She said that she is hopeful that Edday will accept they share Samidoh. In an interview with Radio 47, Nyamu revealed that her efforts to make the polygamous […]


“Kiss kidogo ushafunga macho😀🤣🤣utaibiwa simu na wakikuyu”- Waithaka Wa Jane.

This is Waithaka wa Jane alias Karaiku Master, a form three dropout making a kill in the entertainment industry. Born in 1998 in a family of eight, Waithaka wa Jane has transitioned from playing drum sets and guitar to being a renowned musician and performing artist. He started his career in 2016 after coming to […]


“Kama huyu ni Kibe, sina haraka”- Kenyans react on Andrew Kibe’s throwback photo.

Content creator Andrew Kibe has unveiled an exciting event slated for December in Kenya, aptly named “Graduation Day.” This announcement was made via his Instagram account, where he detailed his plans to ensure a fantastic experience for attendees. Kibe emphasized the importance of maintaining a manageable crowd and ensuring that everyone has a great time, […]


Wanja Kihii Tattoo’s Samidoh’s name on her hand.

Diana Wairimu, widely recognized as Wanja Kihii, is rapidly ascending to stardom in our country. The emerging talent, a blend of rapper and comedian, has chosen to open up about her admiration for Mugithi superstar Samidoh. Wanja Kihii initially made a splash on TikTok when she released a playful diss track that poked fun at […]


“Alikuwa anataka kinidunga na kisu”: Kenyan lady celebrates walking out of an abusive marriage and shows her transformation- Is marriage a scam? (See PHOTOs).

They say that its better to remain single forever instead of losing your life in a toxic relationship. Well, this is no secret for a young Kenyan lady who has totally changed after walking out on a toxic marriage. Four years to her marriage, trouble started after she lost her second child and the husband […]