Jeff Koinange Victoria Rubadiri &Yula Nzale Wow Netizens With Their Dance Moves Live On Camera

Prominent figures in Kenyan media, including Victoria Rubadiri, Jeff Koinange, and Youla Nzale, recently displayed their dancing prowess within the confines of the Citizen TV studios. These accomplished journalists exuded exuberance as they grooved to the beats of the chart-topping collaboration “Enjoy” by Juma Jux and Diamond Platnumz, with the infectious melody serving as their background score.

During this impromptu dance session, Victoria Rubadiri, clad in a captivating red pencil dress, made a deliberate choice to don flat shoes, a practical decision that allowed her to effortlessly glide across the dance floor. In contrast, Youla Nzale, in her maroon attire, embraced a more au naturel approach and danced barefoot, reveling in the liberating sensation of her unshod feet connecting with the studio’s floor.

In the midst of this spirited dance-off, Jeff Koinange, impeccably dressed in formal attire, paired his ensemble with a set of sleek black dress shoes. Jeff took the initiative to share the captivating video on his Instagram account, thereby showcasing to the world that all three of these media luminaries were perfectly synchronized in their rhythmic movements. Their collective display of enthusiasm and coordination undoubtedly added a touch of vitality and spontaneity to the often serious world of journalism.